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Pump Repair Kits
World Sealing Corporation (WSC) carries many different Centrifugal Pump Repair Kits. Unlike OEM supplied repair kits, our 3196 Goulds, 3756 Goulds, & 3656 Goulds Pump repair kits have undergone our Quality Control Program. Every mechanical seal is the correct size with the customer's choice of mechanical seal faces instead of the OEM standard Carbon vs. Ceramic. With every 3196 Goulds Kit, as well as every repair kit, our Mechanical Seal Sleeves freely slide onto your pump shaft, Mechanical Seal Glands properly fit, Stationary Mechanical Seal faces are dimensionally correct to prevent spinning, & all pump gaskets are cut to precise dimensions.

WSC offers Pump Repair Kits, or Single Items if needed, for the following pumps & more.

Goulds 3196 ST - Standard Bore

Goulds 3196 STX - Enlarged Bore

Goulds 3196 MT - Standard Bore

Goulds 3196 MTX - Enlarged Bore

Goulds 3196 LT - Standard Bore

Goulds 3196 LTX - Enlarged Bore

Goulds 3196 XLTX - Standard Bore

Goulds 3756

Goulds 3656

Goulds 3996

Durco Pumps

Flygt Pumps

Roper Pumps

Griswold Pumps